Office Work and Professionalism: How to Handle Yourself in An Office Environment

PHR has had an influx of industrial-type positions over the recent months, but this past week, we have opened two new positions for applicants, and each of them are in the field of office support.  Working in an office as a receptionist, assistant, or manager requires a very different set of skills than the industrial, manual-labor jobs.  Office jobs often require a list of qualifications that, while slightly varied, usually encompass the same basic things.  So, what should you be working on if you hope to land an office job?

Organization.  Being sloppy, disorganized, and scatterbrained does NOT suit someone working in a professional setting of any kind, but it is especially detrimental to someone in an office environment.  Serving as an office assistant requires you to be organized and capable of multitasking during your work day.  Filing papers, answering phones, taking down information, etc. are all part of the job, and if you miss a critical contact number or misplace someone’s important paperwork, your job could be on the line.  If you want to catch the eye of a potential employer seeking an applicant for an office job, hone your organization skills by creating and following structured systems within your home.

Computer Skills.  Using a computer is vital for anyone in an office environment.  Modern day offices usually have multiple computers, and some incorporate tablets, smartphones, wireless printers/scanners/copiers, and more into their technological setup. Being familiar with a computer is a MUST.  You should be especially comfortable with word processing software, and digital filing systems. If you aren’t sure about using a computer, check your local library or community college for adult classes offered to teach you the basics and help you feel confident in applying for office positions requiring computer skills.

Professional Presence on The Phone.  Answering the phone will be part of most any office job, and you can NOT treat it like answering your own personal line on your cell or at home.  Professional greetings, proper grammar, clear speech, and being knowledgable about your place of employment are important parts of representing your employer over the phone.  If you feel nervous about handling phone calls, practice with a friend or family member to build your confidence and perfect your phone presence BEFORE you’re on the job.

Think you’re ready for the challenge of an office position?  Check out our current openings for a legal assistant and an office assistant (for a local Winter Haven company) right here on our site.  You can learn more about each job, and if you think you’re a fit, you can apply now.  If you want more information or would like to know more about the PHR process, give us a call!