Never Stop Learning: Continuing Your Education After You’ve Landed The Job

books-484766_640So you’ve finally landed the new job you were searching for?  We are thrilled for you, and if you used PHR Staffing Solutions to find your way to your perfect position, we thank you for trusting us to help you.  Now that you’re employed and have broken into the work force and/or field you wanted, you should be all set, right?

Not necessarily.

While getting hired is the biggest step in the working world, there is another important factor that many employers look for, and that’s continuing education.  Continuing your education could be as simple as occasionally training for and receiving certifications specific to your new job.  Oftentimes, this type of continuing education is provided by your employer, and will be announced within your circle of fellow employees and could even be offered on-site.  Occasionally it will come with a fee, or you will have to go outside of your employer to receive needed certifications, but even those are minimal.

Sometimes though, a more intensive form of continuing education might be needed to keep your current job, or to move up in your field.  Taking occasional classes, or even pursuing a full degree at varying levels (associates, bachelors, or even a masters) could be needed if you want the maximum benefit for your employment.  This can be daunting, especially if you are a parent, or have a stressful life situation outside of your daily work.  However, the positive repercussions of continuing your learning even after you get a job are extensive, and they can make you stand out to your current boss, or those in higher levels of management that decide upon your salary, and whether or not you are worthy of any available promotions.

If you are worried about the financial side of continuing your education, you shouldn’t be!  Sometimes, your current employer provides partial, or even full, coverage of the costs of additional training and education as long as it directly relates to your job. If you can’t receive financial assistance or compensation through your job, there are scholarships and grants available for those who are seeking to continue their learning as an adult, especially if you are a parent, work in selected fields, etc.

If you want to learn more about continuing your education to assist you in your job, give us a call.  PHR Staffing Solutions can point you in the right direction and help you get the assistance you need.  Still looking for the perfect job?  We can take your qualifications, along with what you desire in a position, and match you with one of our many local Lakeland employers.

Never stop looking for that new job, and never stop learning!