Naughty or Nice? Checking Your List Twice Before Your Job Hunt

office-581131_640As Christmas approaches this week, you may be gearing up for more than just festivities and gifts.  If you are currently unemployed, Christmas is the time when you are desperately hoping for employment to help cover the additional expenses of the season.  When preparing for your job hunt, it can be difficult to remember the details of preparation, and you don’t want to head into applications or interviews without each of your boxes checked not once, but twice!

So, what do you need to remember when preparing yourself for a job hunt?

First, amp up your resume.  A well-tailored resume is really your “first impression” with a potential employer, and you want to make it a good one!  Go through it several times to fine-tune your wording, and look out for grammatical or spelling errors, incorrect punctuation, etc.  Also seek out areas of your resume that could be specifically altered to best match the sought-after qualifications of the job for which you are applying.  This makes you seem like a better-quality candidate and could get you bumped into the interview process.

Next, continue your training, even if you aren’t currently in the running for a specific position.  Webinars, free online training courses, local classes offered for little or no cost, etc. are all great ways to add qualifications to your resume, and that can make a huge difference when a hiring process is down to only a handful of candidates.

Finally, hone your interview skills, and work hard on representing yourself in the best way possible.  Personal grooming is important, and having an “interview outfit” always clean, pressed, and ready is a great way to keep yourself from stressing out when you get that call.  Practice interview skills with friends and family, and you will be accustomed to the question/answer format often seen in an interview with HR staff and potential employers.

Get hired for the holidays this year.  PHR Staffing Solutions can help you find the perfect job for YOU.  Call our Winter Haven, Lakeland, or Lake Wales office for more information on our current openings, or apply for our open positions here on our site.