Movin’ on Up: How to Get Promoted at Work

In your career, chances are your goal is to get promoted in whatever field you have chosen.  While some people choose to work at a stationary level their entire working lives, most of us like the idea of moving up and receiving more benefits, better pay, etc. that come along with a higher-level job.  However, being promoted isn’t an automatic benefit of most jobs, and it’s something that must be earned.  The best way to earn this approval from your superiors is by…

Finish What You Start.  If you start a project, finish it!  Don’t leave work half-done.  Whether it’s stocking the snack bar at work, or making the morning coffee, to putting together a plan or proposal for a huge client, whatever task you have been assigned, be sure to do it 100% in a reasonable amount of time.

Keep A Lid on It.  Offices are full of gossip, slander, and otherwise less-than-pleasant conversation opportunities.  While it might seem fun for a time, or seem like a doorway that will let you into a group of coworkers, speaking badly about superiors, engaging in inappropriate humor, etc. can end up costing you your job, or at the very least your desired promotion, if the wrong person overhears.  Your best bet is to stay quiet unless you have something constructive to say and add to the conversation.

Make Your Boss Shine.  Your main goal should be to make your boss(es) look great, and they will notice that when it’s time for the next promotion.  When you have the chance, do everything in your power to lift up your superior(s) so they receive credit for being of high prestige in your work environment.  When you do work, you are representing them and the business they stand for, so make sure you do it well!

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