Know Before You Go: How to Prep for Your First Day on The Job

If you’ve made it through the application and interview process and are finally staring down your first day on a new job, it’s both a sigh of relief and a thrill at the same time. However, many new employees that we work with also have some nerves about their first day of work, since each workplace has its own unique flavor, and it’s hard to know what to expect. While you can’t fully understand a work environment until you’ve actually worked in it, there are some things you can study up on to prepare yourself for the first day and make you feel more comfortable going in.

Here are a few things you should know before you go:

  • What is their dress code? Few things will make you feel out of place more than being dressed differently than everyone else in the office. If your new place of employment has a uniform, you’ve probably been briefed on that and have likely received your needed clothing items ahead of time, or will be given them on the first day. If your office doesn’t have a uniform dress code though, how do you know what to wear? A good place to start is by simply calling the office, letting them know you are approaching your first day, and asking what the general style of dress is for your position. Warehouse environments for example usually require heavy-duty workwear, while office jobs usually prefer business casual or even dress wear. They’ll appreciate you taking the time to dress the part, and you’ll be able to walk through the door feeling confident on your first day.
  • What is their parking situation? There’s nothing like arriving at your new workplace with plenty of time to spare, only to realize that parking is a nightmare and you end up being late on the first day because you had to travel several miles down the road to find a spot. Scope out your new workplace a few days beforehand, so you know what to plan for regarding parking. A downtown office for example might have their own parking garage (or lease space in a parking garage), while others require employees to pay for their own parking in the city. It’s also important to note which spots might be set aside for senior employees and superiors, customers, etc. if your new workplace has a private lot.
  • How are lunch breaks handled? You don’t want to show up ready to heat up last night’s leftovers only to realize that there is no break room (a.k.a. no microwave) and no place to meal prep. In the same way, you don’t want to come to work with nothing to eat, planning to go out with coworkers to a nearby eatery, and then find out that there is nowhere close enough to drive to (and drive back from) within your allotted lunch break. Again, scope this out before your first day. Drive to your new workplace and look for nearby restaurants, and if there aren’t any, opt for something simple that doesn’t require prep (like a sandwich or a wrap) for that first day until you can peek at the break room (if there is one).

We know the first day of work can be intimidating, as can the entire process of hunting for and landing a job in the first place. PHR Staffing Solutions is here to support you along the entire journey, from the very first application until your final paperwork as a brand new hire with a local employer. If you’re ready to get hired, call us for more information or apply for one of our current openings here on our site.

For those who are launching their careers? Good luck on your first day!