How A Staffing Service Improves Your Chances of Getting A Job

In an article by Career Builder,, author Debra Auerbach discusses how utilizing staffing services improve the chances of candidates finding, and keeping, a job. She looks at 3 major aspects of recruiters and how that plays into their relationship with both business clients and applicants, and then shows how those aspects play into building a long-term employment relationship.

Essentially, what she shows, is that since staffing services have a constant flow of openings in the local job market, they are much more likely to know where you would fit in than you would be going at it alone. After all, you as an employee are usually looking for a job every few years, not every day, so you won’t be aware of what’s open in the current local job market and how to go about finding the best possible option. Additionally, recruiters have the benefit of long-standing relationships with business clients. They not only know and understand the information about the individual job openings, but also the personal preferences and requirements of the employer, so they can narrow down applicants to only a select few that would work best for each individual position. This means you, as an applicant, are more likely to fit well with the company in which you are placed, and will likely develop a long-term career instead of having a short-term stint that doesn’t work out.

A final aspect that the article brings forward is the benefit of having “behind the scenes” opportunities by using a staffing service. Oftentimes businesses come to know and trust a recruiting company, and they will use them to fill a position before ever listing it for public viewing. That means there are potentially hundreds of jobs you never even see, unless, of course, you are part of a staffing service and are being matched with these openings as they come to the table. Again, your chances of finding that job are greatly increased by teaming up with a local staffing agency.

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