Hitting the Right Note: Should You Listen to Music in The Workplace?

With today’s technology continually expanding, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a smartphone, tablet, or some other type of personal media player.  Because of this, people have constant access to immeasurable amounts of music, reading material, games, and more right at their fingertips.  Obviously, this has translated over to the workplace, and has many new employees trying to decide if music (or other auditory media, such as audiobooks) are acceptable in the office.

So, what are our thoughts on the subject?

It’s really at the discretion of the employee ultimately.  You have to know and understand your office environment, and play off of the behavior of the other employees, and even your superiors.  If you don’t see anyone else using their devices while at work, it might be best to avoid using yours as well, or at the very least, openly ask your supervisor or boss their feelings on the matter and let them help you make an informed decision.  However,r there are a few things you should avoid, regardless of what the “norm” is in your workplace:

  • Don’t play music (or any other sound) on open speakers.  Just because you enjoy a particular song, or book, doesn’t mean your coworkers do, and it can be annoying and distracting.
  • Don’t play your media so loudly that it can be heard over your earbuds or headphones.  Keep the volume as low as possible.
  • Don’t sing, hum, dance along with your chosen music unless you are in a very private office where you won’t be bothering anyone else with your behavior.  Again, this can be annoying and distracting to your coworkers.
  • Don’t let it affect your work.  If you are so busy listening to your most recent piece of literature that you lose efficiency and/or accuracy in your work, then you need to rethink your use of a device in the office.  No song (or book) is worth losing your job.

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