Class Clown: Is Telling Jokes at Work A Good Idea?

All of us enjoy making others laugh now and then (as long as they’re not laughing at us), and few things are better than a chuckle with friends about a good joke.  However, taking jokes into the workplace can be risky business.  While it seems like fun and games, humor in the office can actually have some major ramifications, both positive and negative, depending on how it’s handled.

Telling jokes is an art form.  Timing, presentation, and delivery all must be considered when getting ready to share the latest trending bit of hilarity or throwing a pun into a conversation around the break room table.  Doing so successfully can earn you major bonus points with coworkers, and even your superiors, and the ability to be creatively humorous without being inappropriate or arrogant is a skill that can serve you well in any work environment.

On the other hand, however, poor timing, a delivery that falls flat, or inappropriate/offensive content can make your jokes take a nosedive.  Humor, when handled badly, can make you come across as overly confident, lacking in social skills, and even mean-spirited or crass to those around you.  In an office environment not only will this lower your coworker’s opinions of you, but it can also reflect badly on your professionalism, which won’t do much for your relationship with your superiors.  In other words, poor humor could end up lessening your chances of a promotion, a raise, or other benefits of staying in the good graces of your boss.

The next time you get ready to crack a joke at work, think for a moment about just how confident you are in the tidbit of humor.  If you second guess yourself, or you doubt it’s the best time to speak up, it might be best to keep the jokes in your pocket for after-work drinks or weekend dinner with friends.  If you feel like the joke’s on you and job hunting is getting you nowhere, call PHR Staffing Solutions.  We take your career seriously, and are ready to evaluate your desires, skills, and qualifications to find a position that is the perfect fit for you.  Give us a call to get started!