Going Green: Making Your (Work) Life More Eco-Friendly

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  Today’s holiday has us seeing green, and that made us think about going green.  Plenty of people talk about “going green” in today’s society, but often these discussions revolve around eco-friendly practices in and around your home.  While this is great, botanical detergents and chemical free cleaners aren’t going to help you make a positive impact on the environment in your workplace.  So, how can you carry your green mentality over to your job each day?

Less Lunchtime Waste.  Chances are, you either pack your lunch or pick it up somewhere each day.  If you pack your lunch, consider using reusable containers such as glass containers, or even washable, sealable “baggies” that can hold fruits, snacks, etc.  Opt for a regular metal spoon or fork instead of pulling a plastic one to toss in the garbage, and if possible, drink water or carry your chosen beverage in a thermos from home rather than grabbing a bottled water or canned soda from a machine.  Do you go out for lunch?  You can still make environmentally-friendly choices.  Opt for restaurants that are sensitive to the planet when possible.  If you can, use your lunch break to eat in at your restaurant of choice instead of creating more waste with carry-out containers and plastic bags.  It might not seem like much, but each of these little changes can have a big impact over time.

Earth-Conscious Commute.  Want to save on air pollution and fuel usage?  If you’re within a reasonable distance of your office, you could choose to walk to work, or ride a bike.  For those who live a little farther than a walking/biking distance, carpooling is a great choice, especially if you can gather several coworkers who live within the same area and develop a system.  Each person drives one day of the week, and that means you are equally splitting up mileage and gasoline costs, AND helping the planet.  If commenting isn’t an option, looking into public transportation in your area, as this might be a feasible means of getting to the office without using your car.

Conserve Office Materials.  Energy, paper and supplies usage (and waste), and even water waste (like faucets being left on) in offices are all less-than-friendly on our environment.  Do your part by using less energy where you can.  Turn off lights before leaving an area, don’t run extra appliances (like your desk fan) unless necessary, and try to encourage others to do the same. Instead of wasting paper and ink by printing out multiple copies of something in draft form, do as much work digitally as you can and then print only the final draft to hand off to your superiors.  Finally, watch for water waste.  Turn off faucets left running, and wash your hands quickly and efficiently when using the facilities.

Another way you can go green?  Using a staffing service like PHR.  By letting us do the job hunting for you, you save resources from driving around town gathering and returning applications, and from printing out multiple copies of your resume and credentials to distribute.  By using PHR Staffing Solutions, you fill out your information digitally, and we take care of distributing it, matching you with open positions, and ultimately landing you in a job that’s perfect for your individual skills and qualifications. Give us a call or apply for one of our openings here on our site!