Flying High: 3 Things to Remember When Traveling by Air

Whether you’re hitting the skies for a Spring Break trip with your family, or boarding a plane for a job interview, traveling by air can be stressful if you don’t prepare properly.  Between baggage weight limits, security checkpoints, and a tight schedule, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated.  If you fail to pack properly for your time on the actual flight, it can just add to the exasperation.

So, what do you need to bring for your next flight?

  • Layers.  When you dress for a flight, remember to keep comfort in mind. While that doesn’t mean you should wear your pajamas or your sweatpants, you should also steer clear of clothing that isn’t pleasant to wear for a long period of time, especially if sitting (tight pants, belts with large buckles, etc.).  Additionally, temperature control isn’t known for being a strength of most airlines, so you could get too hot/too cold very easily.  By wearing layers, you ensure that you will be comfortable throughout the flight, because you can add or take away pieces of clothing as needed.  For example, a lightweight t-shirt, a button-up sweater, and a cozy scarf are great ways to stay warm, but you can easily slip off the scarf (and sweater if needed) if the temperature on the plane starts to rise.  Traveling in the winter?  Consider packing a small blanket in your carry-on bag to use during a longer flight.
  • Water.  It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day, even on a flight, but you should not pack a bunch of water into your carry-on bag.  These bottles will have to be thrown out when you reach the security checkpoints.  Instead, bring some cash to purchase bottled water after you reach your gate, and then throw those bottles into your carry-on.  Yes, the water at the gate might be more expensive, but cheaper water is no good if you have to throw it in a garbage can before you even reach the plane!
  • Entertainment.  Flights can be long depending on your destination, and often you’ll have layovers, delays, or extended time frames due to turbulence and whether.  While airlines offer movies during the flight, they aren’t always the best choices, and you don’t want to be left staring out the window for hours.  Bring along your Kindle, your favorite book or magazine, and of course your phone to pass the time.  Don’t forget your charger!  Nothing is worse than having your battery die right in the middle of the flight.

If you are traveling this spring holiday, we hope you enjoy a safe, relaxing flight with as little stress as possible.  If you’re flying for a job interview, congratulations on making it to that step!  Still looking for an interview opportunity?  If you are job hunting and feel like you just can’t get off the ground, PHR Staffing Solutions is here for you.  We offer recruiting services for the greater Polk County area of Central Florida, and we provide top-quality applicants for businesses all over our region.  We will use your skills and qualifications to match you with the position that is perfect for you, so give us a call or apply online to get started!