Get Your Zzzz’s: Why Proper Rest Is Important for Your Career

Since many of us were children, we have been told of the importance of sleep.  Whether it is at the dreaded daily nap time, during the nightly fight against going to bed, or during quiet time at preschool, parents have been giving the “you need your rest” speech to their children for years.  While it didn’t make much sense as a child, adults in the workforce now likely understand what all the fuss was about as they hit the snooze button repeatedly on their 6:30 AM alarm each day.

Proper rest is important for many reasons, not the least of which is your body’s health and well-being. However, did you know it also affects your career?  Many college graduates entering the office for their first “real” job are coming out of a period of life where proper rest and sleep are usually at the lower end of their priority list.  Socializing with friends, studying for finals, extracurricular activities, etc. tend to take precedence when you are enjoying college life.  Reality can be a pretty hard hit though when students graduate and have to start a daily work regimen.  Not being properly rested not only makes it difficult to get through the day at the office, but it can potentially cost an employee his or her job, since being tired leads to decreased work productivity and efficiency.  Exhaustion means you are more likely to struggle with focus, you will probably make more mistakes or overlook errors, and your creativity will be inhibited.  Additionally, being tired affects your mood, and no one appreciates a grouchy employee and/or coworker.

Experts recommend at least 7-8 minimum of sleep each night for adults, and more for children and teens.  We understand that it can be hard to make that happen, especially if you have a family, or are working a second job.  So, how can you potentially assist in getting to sleep earlier, and being able to sleep longer?

Prepare any needed lunches, paperwork, etc. the night before.  Instead of having to get up two hours earlier than your departure time to allow for all of these tasks, work them into your evening routine (get your kids to help if applicable!) and take some stress away from your morning.  That could buy you a little more sleep and will mean a LOT less rush before work each day.

Have a schedule, and stick to it.  If you have a list of things to complete each evening, and each morning, you are less likely to waste time with unneeded tasks.  Having a plan you can follow means you know what to expect (generally) of your time before bed and your time before work, and you can map out how much sleep you can get in between.

Make your sleep count.  Even if you can’t get a full 9 hours of sleep each night, make the hours you do get have more of an impact.  Have lights in your room completely turned off, or dimmed significantly, and keep TVs, computers, and phones turned off (or at least darken the screens).  If needed, you can use a sleep mask or blackout curtains to aid in an atmosphere that is more friendly to sleep.  Keep noise to a minimum, and incorporate white noise (like a fan) if you need to block out sounds of other family members.  By creating an atmosphere that will promote rest, you will be more likely to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply.

We hope you will make it your goal to stay rested and well in 2017.  If you are currently on the job hunt, call PHR Staffing Solutions.  We serve the greater Winter Haven and Lakeland area with the highest quality service available, and we are ready to help you.