4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid an Office Romance

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, and with the stores already putting out all things pink, red, and hearts, it can be easy to get lost in thoughts of romance and love.  If you aren’t currently in a relationship, the big day can be disheartening, and downright depressing.  Oftentimes, the pressure of this day prompts people to push for a relationship before February arrives, and since many of us spend the majority of our days at work, thoughts of an in-office romance can start to dance around in our heads.

However, there are actually a variety of reasons why you shouldn’t look for love in the work environment.  Here are our top 4 picks:

  1. Distraction.  An in-office relationship can be distracting to you and to the potential significant other, which means your productivity and efficiency at work could be negatively impacted.  That won’t go over well with your boss or coworkers since your work will end up falling on their shoulders.
  2. Breaking Up Is Hard(er) to Do.  Break-ups are never easy, but add in the factor of you and your ex working in the same office, and you have a whole new set of problems.  In a regular breakup you can at least avoid seeing your no-longer-significant other to allow time for your heart to heal and toughen up a bit, but in a work relationship, you will be forced to see them day after day.
  3. Against Company Policy.  Many businesses frown upon in-office romances (for many of the same reasons mentioned here) and have policies prohibiting employees from engaging in this type of relationship.  Even if there is not a strict rule against it, most bosses frown on this type of activity in the work environment.  In these cases you could be putting your job at risk if you look for love at work.
  4. Coworker Discord.  If your coworkers get wind of your romantic relationship in the office, it can cause issues for you, your significant other, and the productivity of the company as a whole.  Jealousy, awkwardness, etc. are all complications that can occur among employees when two of them are involved in something more than general friendship.

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