Dress for Success: Making A Great Impression

tie-690084_640“Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” is a saying many people are accustomed to hearing when it comes to choosing work-appropriate attire.  While that does ring true, it can be intimidating or confusing if you are unsure how to dress for the job you want, specifically if it’s in a totally different field or work environment than you are in currently.

So, what are some tips when it comes to dressing for success?

First, when heading to an interview of ANY kind, opt for business attire.  For men, this means a suit and tie.  Choose a dress shirt in a conservative color, avoid bright patterns or distracting shades for ties, and be sure to have any needed accessories clean and ready to go (clean, matching dress socks, matching belt, and polished suit-appropriate shoes).  For women, a dress or pantsuit is best, with conservative, closed-toe heels.  Suits should fit modestly (not too short, not too tight) and be in a conservative color.  If needed, carry either a purse or a briefcase, but not both.  Jewelry needs to be kept to a minimum with simple earrings and, if desired, a necklace (pearls are preferable as they are classic and elegant).  If you have an engagement/wedding ring there is no need to remove them, unless of course you choose to for personal preferences.  For either gender, remove any piercings that could be offensive or distracting to those you will be interviewing with, and try to avoid strong colognes/perfumes, cigarette smoke, etc.

Secondly, when dressing for your job each day, stay professional, regardless of your work environment.  Of course, if you are working outdoors in an industrial or manual labor position, you’ll need to wear work-appropriate attire, but for any indoor position in an office, retail, or educational setting, professional dress, or at the very least business-casual clothing, should be worn.  Business-casual includes slacks, collared shirts (or dressy blouses for women), cardigans, sport jackets/blazers, etc. Never assume that you are permitted to wear jeans.  If you are told that jeans are allowed in the environment, a dark rinse is always best since it offers a more pulled-together and dressy appearance.

Finally, proper hygiene and personal care is vital to any interview or work environment.  Daily showering/bathing, keeping one’s hair neatly cut and combed (and for men, keeping facial hair groomed), keeping nails clean and trimmed, and keeping clothing clean and as wrinkle-free as possible are all helpful in maintaining a professional appearance regardless of where you work.

Spruce up your daily impression on people by using the tips above for your job each day.  If you are ready to make a change find the job you want, this post will give you an idea of how to go about looking your very best when the interviews begin.  If you are in the Polk County, FL area, PHR Staffing Solutions is your go-to for finding an open position that is perfect for you.  We provide applicants with multiple options throughout the greater Lakeland region, and the business owners who work with us trust us to offer only the very best employees.

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