Does Maintaining Your Resume Makes You Marketable?

If you’ve been hired and are currently employed in a job you love, your resume has probably fallen by the wayside and been placed in a back drawer (or a long-lost folder on your computer) until the next time you’re up for a promotion or kicking off a new job search. While your resume doesn’t necessarily “go bad” over time, it does lose effectiveness if you fail to keep it updated. Obviously, some information needs to be updated only following a major change, with examples including your name, phone number and contact info, etc. Other updates need to be made to your resume regularly though, and those are things you might not remember until it’s too late and you’re trying to pull things from your memory that happened months, or even years, prior.
One item left off of many resumes are projects and accomplishments on the job that are related to your field of expertise. This is not only good to keep note of for potential promotions within your current company, but could make you much more marketable to another employer down the line since it’s specific information showcasing just what you can offer a business rather than a generic piece of information (like your educational background). If you’ve managed a major project at work, headed up any kind of organization or oversaw an event for your company, these are items that should be key features under the experience portion of your resume.
In addition to experience, employers like to see educational background, and that goes far beyond your initial degree earned from college or your certification from a trade school. Ongoing education shows motivation and the desire for upward mobility, and by participating in trainings whether at work or off site, and by staying involved in current events with your field, you’re adding valuable bullet points to your resume. Current employers see this is a sign you care about your job, and want to do your best, and that makes you a prime candidate for any promotions within the staff. If you’re looking for a new job or ready to make a job change, this type of educational background gives you a boost when being evaluated by potential employers and HR staff.
Finally, keep up with your references. If you haven’t spoken to a friend, old coworker, or old school professor in the 10 years it’s been since you wrote your resume, they are probably not the most effective reference point for employers. Instead, consider glancing over your references annually, and if you haven’t made contact with any of them in the past year, either give them a call or send them a quick email to catch up (and ask if they’re still comfortable being one of your references) OR replace them with a more current option. You want your references to be an accurate representation of what you’re capable of NOW.
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