City Life: Benefits of Working Downtown

When you think about “the big city”, our own dear Lakeland probably isn’t the first that comes to mind. Here in Central Florida, Lakeland can seem dwarfed by nearby Orlando and Tampa with their high-rise skylines and wide variety of businesses and shops. However, Lakeland has a lot to offer and the unique flavor of small town with the amenities of the big city. This is evident if you visit our downtown area. Many local residents work in downtown businesses and this comes with several perks you may not have thought of.
So, why should you consider working downtown in Lakeland, or the downtown area in your own city?
You’ll get in your steps. Depending on where you live, and its proximity to your job, downtown employment often enables employees and clients to arrive by foot. If you live nearby, you could walk to work each day, or ride a bike, which saves money in the long run thanks to not needing fuel. An added benefit is the extra exercise each day, and the fresh air. Even if you can’t walk every day (like during rainy weather) just being able to occasionally go to work on foot can be a big benefit of a downtown job.
Nearby Amenities. Whether it be a quick run to the store for needed medicine, or pens for your desk, or hitting a local restaurant for lunch or an afternoon cup of coffee, having amenities close to your job is a huge benefit. When you work downtown, you are near many stores and restaurants (likely within walking distance) and you don’t have to go far for great choices. This is very helpful with saving time and gas, and it lets you support other local businesses.
Places to Park. Many downtown employees are given parking passes for nearby parking garages OR for their monitored lots at their own office. While not directly work-related, this is a big benefit for downtown events (parades, annual firework shows, weekend markets, etc.) since parking is usually expensive and/or impossible to find during these times, and you’ll be left without a worry since your pass will give you free parking with no hassle.
Downtown Lakeland is definitely THE place to be, and our city is growing quickly. That means more jobs are being added each day, and PHR is at the front of helping connect you with those brand new openings. We staff a variety of job openings, from light industrial positions to vacancies in offices, and we can find the perfect job for YOU. Give us a call or apply for our current openings here on our Jobs page so you can get hired faster.