Be Prepared on Your First Day: What to Pack

signature-962364_640If your start date at a new job is approaching, we know it can be nerve-wracking, and you will likely have moments of feeling apprehensive, regardless of how prepared you are.  However, if you fail to prepare properly for your first day, it can cause panic and unnecessary stress in your new position, and that is not the best foot to start off on.

So, how can you prepare by packing for your first day to make it a successful?

Paperwork and Identity. Be sure to have any requested paperwork from the hiring manager or your new boss in hand on your first day.  It should be filled out neatly and be clean and orderly when you present it.  Additionally, it’s a good idea to have your driver’s license (or other form of ID) and your social security card with you, just in case!

Hydrate.  Hydration isn’t only important for athletes.  Staying properly hydrated throughout the day means better focus which means you’ll be better at your job while maintaining your health.  Instead of running back and forth to a water fountain in your office or work building, or taking break time to seek out a drink, bring a bottled water, or a thermos/water bottle of your own to sip on throughout the day if allowed by your employer.

Have Vision.  Literally.  Don’t go into a new position and leave your glasses or any other needed eyewear or eyesight enhancement at home.  Many people require glasses or contacts, even if only for reading books and/or computer screens, and it’s better to have them with you and not need them than leave them behind and regret it later when you make a mistake or look bad in front of a new boss.

Be Specific.  Some positions require specific equipment or supplies, and you definitely need to have these ready to go for your first day on the job.  For example, our current openings in welding (you can apply for them here and here if you’re interested!) request that applicants own, and bring, their own welding hood and gloves.  In this case, it would be foolish and unfortunately to forget those items at home!  Even if your new job doesn’t require specific items, consider things you might need for the day.  In other words, if you’re going to be in an office, throw a pen or two into your bag so you are never left unable to jot down notes or information in a pinch, and if you’ll be in a position requiring lots of time on your feet and being outdoors, sunscreen, a hat, and good walking shoes might be nice to have on hand.

We hope this helps you relax a bit as your prepare for your new position!  If you haven’t found that perfect position yet, we can help!  PHR Staffing Solutions has a variety of new positions open right now and we are always adding more.  We provide the businesses of Polk County with the highest quality applicants available, and if you are ready to be one of them, give us a call or apply for our openings here on our site.