When Pet Parents Go Back to Work: Caring for Your Pet After The Hire

Childcare is a hot topic in the working world, and one of the first things a stay-at-home mom or dad will be asked upon returning to work is: “What are you doing with the kids?” For parents of school-aged children, they will often employ after school programs, their spouse/significant other, family members, or even a paid sitter to handle kids between the hours of school letting out and getting off of work. For parents of children too young for school, daycare or preschool centers are a popular option, as are private nannies or a family member willing to step in and fill the role of mom or dad during the day. However, if your child is your “fur baby” and it’s time for you to head back to work after a season of unemployment, your options tend to be more limited.

So, how can you make sure your pet is taken care of and left feeling secure when you head into the office each day?

  • Make plenty of time for them before and after work each day. Take time in the morning to do any necessary walking, going out for potty breaks, feeding, grooming, etc. that you would normally do while home in the morning hours. While it will have to be done earlier than usual, completing the typical routine will help your pet feel more secure with the transition. The same goes for returning home after work each day. Any normal late afternoon/evening routines can still be taken care of, even if it’s a few hours later than usual.
  • If your pet isn’t potty-trained well enough to be left during your work hours, you’ll need someone to let him/her out during the day. If you have a spouse or older child at home in the afternoons, that could be their responsibility. However, if you live alone, or your spouse works the same hours you do, you might need to consider hiring a neighbor or friend to take care of a mid-day potty break for your pet. This is a great time for them to refill water dishes, give a treat, etc. as needed.
  • Hiring full-time care is the most expensive, and least readily available, of the pet care options, but it is a choice you have. “Doggy daycare” centers are popping up more frequently in local cities, and they provide full-time care for your pet during the work day. Much like a daycare center for a child, they keep your pup’s schedule full with feeding, grooming, playing, napping, and even organized activities. Some of them here in Florida even have a pool!

Whatever you choose for your pet, we know they are lucky to live in a home where they are being thought of before you return to work. Still looking for the perfect job? If you’re tired of sifting through endless applications and standing in line at open interviews, PHR Staffing Solutions is ready to take over. We handle your application process start to finish, and we use your current skills and qualifications to match you with employers throughout the greater Polk County area. Give us a call to get started!