What Moms REALLY Want for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is in two short days, and if you’re scrambling for the perfect gift before Sunday, we might have some good news for you.  While flowers, candy, and jewelry are nice, we have some insight on what moms really want for Mother’s Day, and for every day of the year.

Your mom has likely sacrificed much of her time, energy, and resources over the years to get you to adulthood.  She has watched you grow into who you are today, and is probably proud of the adult she sees sitting across the table at Mother’s Day Lunch.  While she might not always know how to say it, the biggest gift you can give her on this day, and every day, is simply…YOU.  Let her enjoy the fruits of her labors by loving her the way she tirelessly loved you.  Pick up the phone and give her a call, stop by and say hello, enjoy dinner together with your family and let her spend time with her grandkids.  These are all gifts that keep giving throughout the year, and they last much longer than a bouquet of roses or box of chocolates.

Also?  Do your best.  Success isn’t measured in dollar signs, but it is measured by doing your very best, whatever that may be. Being committed to your education, to your family, and to your job are great ways to show mom you care, because they show that she did a great job instilling important principals into you!  We can help you with meeting your goals and making mom proud by helping you find a job that is perfect for you.  We take your skills and qualifications and match you with openings that will ensure you are able to do your best each day spent on the job.

This Mother’s Day, be the best you can be and make your mom proud.  It might not hurt to grab a card and let her know how much you appreciate all you did for her either!  Happy Mother’s Day to all moms everywhere from PHR Staffing Solutions.