Virtual Job Applications and How They Benefit You

With much of the world still operating on a virtual basis right now, it’s no surprise that many job applicants are questioning how this will affect them searching for, and being hired for a position. Businesses are slowly opening their doors again but while customers and patrons might be trickling through (following all regulations of course), business owners are still utilizing online platforms to host meetings with staff, encourage online sales as much as possible, and fill vacancies in their staff. For PHR, this is one area of business that hasn’t changed during the COVID crisis. Our applicants are already accustomed to online applications and resume submissions, and much of our process can be done remotely.

How though, does an online application process benefit you?

Applying for a position online is more efficient, both with time and money, since it can be done almost instantly. Instead of spending money on gas and mileage driving to various locations to pick up and/or return applications, you simply click on an application form and can fill out the fields right on your computer. Job applications are (usually) free, so you are definitely cutting down on costs by digitally applying for open positions. You save time as well since you won’t be using driving time, and typing up the needed information will likely be faster than writing it out by hand. What’s more, you won’t run the risk of messing up a hand-written application and being unable to use it.

Online applications also tend to get quicker results. They are automatically turned into the potential employer, whereas with a traditional paper application there would be wait time for mailing it, having it sorted at the office upon arrival, and waiting for the HR manager or the business owner to read and review it. With an online application you’ll probably hear back in a relatively short amount of time, meaning you can either celebrate your new job, or move on to looking for something better.

Finally, an online application enables you to apply for many more jobs over the course of your job search. Through companies such as us here at PHR Services, you can apply for multiple jobs in one location. These are jobs you might not otherwise know about and would miss out on applying for completely. Our business owners trust us to find the very best employees, so we are constantly receiving information about new openings, and one of them could end up being the perfect job for you!

If you are in the greater Lakeland area here in Central Florida, let us help you find the best employment opportunity for you. Simply search the jobs page on our site to keep up with current openings, and apply right then and there! You fill out the application, we do the work. It’s hiring made simple, and the best way to launch your career.