‘Tis the Season: How Halloween Has Opportunities for Temps

halloween-1743227_640Halloween is coming up on Monday, and essentially, that means the kickoff of the holiday season.  Right on the heels of Halloween we have Thanksgiving, and then we jump headfirst into Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day.  We all love the holidays with their festivities and time with family and friends, but for those looking for employment, the holiday season holds a whole new meaning.  This is the time of year when temporary positions abound, since the season means busier schedules for many businesses, and often, more of their regular employees taking time off for travel or time with family.

Temporary positions aren’t only in retail during the holidays.  Many businesses seek to fill temp positions around this time of year since their regular employees are taking more days off than usual, there are more days when their office will be closed (meaning work can pile up in excess), and the end of the financial year is looming.  Even better?  Some of these companies open the positions up to potential permanence depending on the performance of the applicant.  That means whether you are looking for a little extra spending cash for gift-giving this year and only want a temporary position, or you want a foot in the door for a long-term job, there could very well be something for you right here in our community.

Keep in mind too, that the end of the year means some employees are re-evaluating for the coming year and might be ready to make a career change, whether that mean moving on to a different job, choosing to be a stay-at-home parent, cut back on their hours, etc.  That means more positions and/or work hours could be open for you.  Are you ready to get to work this holiday season?  Regardless of whether you want a few weeks of money-making in a temp job, or a shot at a long-lasting career, PHR Staffing Solutions is ready to help you make it happen.  We work with businesses throughout the Polk County area by filling their openings with only the highest quality employees, and we’ve been providing this service for 13 years.

Let us help you celebrate the holidays, from Halloween to heart day, with a job you love!  Check out our job listings here for some of our current openings and get started with your application process. Need more information about a specific job? You’ll find all of our contact info right here on the site as well.