The (Grown Up) Buddy System: Why You Need A “Buddy” at Work

During your childhood days of elementary school, at least one of your teachers likely used the “buddy system” for a field trip, a walk to the library, or even classroom work. Having a buddy meant you had someone to work alongside and share the load with. While you might have outgrown your childhood buddy system, there’s no reason those same concepts can’t apply to your grown up world in the workplace. Having a “buddy” at work not only improves your morale, but it has many other benefits as well.

Here’s why you should consider finding your own buddy in the office:

  • You have someone to brainstorm with and pass ideas through before you send them to your supervisor and/or employer. A work buddy is a trusted source of (honest) opinions and a second perspective and set of eyes to help you come up with ideas, and fine-tune them to their best possible draft so you are putting out the highest quality work.
  • You have someone to share the load. Whether it be daily tasks in the office, or simply sharing lunch after a stressful day, having a coworker who “has your back” can make your days easier to manage.
  • Your job will feel more like home. If you are disconnected from your coworkers, and don’t develop relationships in the workplace, you will be much less likely to stay long-term, will feel unmotivated, and have lower confidence on the job. Having a work buddy can boost your self-esteem around the water cooler, and will also help you develop relationships that can turn into long-term job connections in the future.

If you already have a work buddy, be thankful! Less than 20% of employees say they have a relationship like the one described above. If you don’t , maybe it’s time to find one! The first step is finding the perfect position for YOU. PHR Staffing Solutions is ready to help with that. We match applicants with jobs throughout the greater Polk County area here in Central Florida. Give us a call to get started and let us help you get hired.