Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Working from home is a hot topic in modern society, and it’s becoming a fairly popular choice, especially for stay-at-home parents that don’t like the idea or expense of daycare, but still want to contribute toward the family income. Work at home jobs are no longer limited to sales or cold calling either; now, you can find at-home jobs in everything from web design and marketing to teaching through virtual education programs. While working at home is growing in popularity, that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.

Here are some pros AND cons of working from home, no matter the field:

Pros: The biggest pro, of course, is that you don’t have to leave home. This saves a significant amount of time each day, since you aren’t bothered with getting up and dressed to get out the door by a certain time, and you aren’t dealing with a daily commute. While you might still have set hours, and you might even have to be dressed before you clock in, it’s still not as time-consuming as getting to the car and to your job. Additionally, at home jobs allow you the freedom to have your kids at home or choose to put them in part-time, or full-time childcare. If you work outside the home with full-time hours you’ll likely have no choice but full-time childcare, but when working at home, YOU make the decision of what works best for you and for your family. Finally, work-at-home employees usually have a bit more flexibility with their scheduling. If you want to get off early, you might be able to work through your lunch break, or if you want to take a vacation day, your boss might let you double up on hours one day to make that happen. It’s not a guarantee, but most at-home positions are flexible.

Cons: The pro of not leaving home mentioned above is actually a con for at-home work as well. Not leaving the house is actually difficult for some, as they can feel confined or “stir-crazy” after a day or two. Not all at-home jobs mean you sit at home all day (many still required periodic meetings, going out to see clients, etc.) but you will likely spend more time at home than you would with an out of the home job. Another con of working at home is that your house also becomes your office, and that can be complicated, especially if you have children. If your job requires a technical setup, it can be hard to find space for that in your house that will allow the privacy, quiet, and restriction needed for work each day. Even if you only need a phone and your laptop, finding time and quiet within a day if others are at home with you can be difficult. Finally, work-at-home employees MUST have excellent time management skills. If you are working from home and let yourself slide into a pattern of “I’ll get to that later” or “I”ll do that tomorrow” you could put your job at risk and your resume. Even if your boss doesn’t require a completed task list each day, and instead requires hours, if you aren’t proving yourself productive during those hours you could be let go.

Working at home isn’t for everyone, and fortunately, there are plenty of out-of-the-home job openings that still offer flexibility, great hours, and/or minimal commute here in Polk County. PHR Staffing Solutions can help you find them, and we will match you with openings that suit your current skills and qualifications so you can rest assured knowing you are heading into a job that is great for YOU right where you are in life. Give us a call to get started or apply online!