Post-Interview Tips for Pros

An interview might seem like the finish line if you have been job hunting for a long time, but the period after the interview is just as important if you want to leave the best impression possible on your potential employer and/or HR team. After your interview or job fair, you can take things a few steps farther to ensure you’re ready for what comes next, whether a job offer or the go-ahead to keep looking for a different opportunity.

Ask how you should follow up. Follow-up is a key part of any interview, and many business owners appreciate seeing applicants take the initiative. Ask your interviewer if you should follow up with a phone call, email, or handwritten note. If they have no preference, use your best judgement based upon the type of business, style of the interview (digital-heavy, very personal, strictly business, etc.). Don’t forget to send a thank you note (by email or with a handwritten card) for the opportunity following your interview as well.

Self-Evaluate. When you get home after your interview, take time to evaluate your performance, and decide which parts you were/were not happy with. Notice that your resume needs a few tweaks? Now is the time to do it! If you felt exceptionally confident about your answers to specific questions, write them down for reference any future interviews. The period after your interview is when information is fresh, and you’ll be able to learn from your experiences.

The Waiting Game. Until you have the phone call offering the position and your contract is signed, you should never stop your job hunting process. Just because you feel great about the outcome of an interview, surprises happen and if you aren’t continually keeping up with applying for and pursuing opportunities, you could miss out on some wonderful openings. Even after a seemingly successful interview, keep your name circulating and continue to fill out applications. The worse that could happen is you’ll have to turn down an interview for one of them because you already got hired! Plus, it keeps you busy during the waiting game and that is definitely a better use of your time than sitting around being anxious.

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