PHR Is Proud to Support the Arts Through the Imperial Symphony Orchestra

If you are connected to the music industry in any way, you likely know of the Imperial Symphony Orchestra and their talented musicians. Their performances are renowned for being entertaining and flawlessly put together, and they share the beauty of classical instruments through music of all types across a range of audiences. From performances for children, like their “Peter and the Wolf” concert and their annual Christmas performance where holiday classics (and a few surprise pieces from “The Polar Express” were performed), to well-known classical arrangements, we all love the ISO and how they bring music to life.

What many might not know about this group of talented musicians though is that they also have a passion for sharing the love of music, and the ability to play, with students of all ages and from all circumstances. Music lessons can be costly, and their goal is to give children equal opportunity to experience and master music on their instrument of choice. Through benefit concerts, and other fundraising endeavors, they are able to offer exposure to, and enjoyment of, music and classical instruments with children throughout the Polk County area and beyond. Their “Peter and the Wolf” performance mentioned above is a great example of how committed they are to exposing children to music at a young age and fostering their love of sound and movement. At this performance (which was free!), they let children meet members of the orchestra beforehand, and offered time for children to touch and play the instruments that they would see during the performance. Kids lined up to try their hand at violin, viola, cello, bass, percussion, and more, and many of them left with a big smile and a feeling of accomplishment, as it might have been the first time they were allowed to touch and experience these instruments up close. Moments like these are what help children fall in love with the fine art of music, and that’s how we keep the arts alive in future generations.

PHR Staffing Solutions is proud to support the Imperial Symphony Orchestra in their pursuit of offering the art of music to children and students of all ages and backgrounds.