Never Stop Learning: Tips for Going Back to School As An Adult

If you are currently unemployed, chances are you have thought about returning to school to further your existing education since studies show it can increase your likelihood of receiving a better-paying job and moving up in your career.  However, going back to school as an adult can be incredibly difficult, and we understand that family obligations, financial restraints, and more can serve as roadblocks preventing you from getting back into the classroom.  We also know, though, that higher education can, and usually does, improve your chances in a job search, so we have put together a few tips to help encourage you in making your decision of whether or not you should return to school.

  • Night time is the right time.  Many colleges and universities now offer night classes for the majority of their programs of study.  Night classes are great for those with children, or who are already working a daytime job but want to go further in their career and need a degree to do it.  By choosing classes at night, you can head to campus after work or when your children are home from school and done with dinner/homework.  While night programs can sometimes take a little longer to complete than a typical course of study would (since not all classes are available at night during each semester), you can complete a program this way.
  • Long-distance learning.  Online courses are another great way to further your education as a busy adult, since you don’t even have to be on campus!  This opens up a huge variety of schools for you to choose from, since you can be in an entirely different state and still complete your classes.  Online degree programs and distance learning are great for those who have unusual work schedules, those who have young children at home, or those who don’t have a school with their course of study nearby.  Online classes (usually) let you work on your own time, as long as your assignments are turned in on the appropriate dates given in your syllabus, so they are a very flexible option!
  • Payment assistance.  Financial aid is a huge help for adults seeking to go back to school after they have already entered the work force and/or have a family at home.  Many state and federal grants offer scholarships to adults returning to the classroom, and there are also field-specific financial aid options for those seeking to further their existing education in a particular subject.  Additionally, some companies will pay for their employees to go back to school as long as they continue to work for the business, so it’s worth asking your boss if you are currently employed by a larger company and wish to go farther in your career.

Finding a job is hard, and we understand the struggle.  We hope these tips and advice will help you make a more educated decision about higher education, and if it’s the right choice for you.  Ready to begin the job hunt and application process now? We are here for you.  You can call us for more information about our current openings and to get your resume in our hands, or you can apply for open jobs right here on our site.  We look forward to hearing from you!