Make Yourself More Marketable As An Employee

When you’re in the midst of a job hunt during a season of unemployment, it can be easy to become discouraged. Many position descriptions make you feel as if you need to go through the process of obtaining an entirely new degree or long-term series of certifications, and if you need a job NOW, you might wonder if you can find anything with your existing skills and experience. However, there are ways you can enhance your existing list of qualifications and make yourself more marketable for positions you might not otherwise qualify for.

First, look for free or “DIY” opportunities to achieve training or build skills. For example, taking online typing courses from home is a great way to give yourself an additional “skill set” to include in your resume. Additionally, look for similar options within the community for training and skill building. Many local libraries or community colleges offer free or inexpensive courses in how to use basic software and develop generic computer skills (utilizing Microsoft office programs, record keeping, etc.). These types of classes give you a leg up when applying for a variety of jobs.

Another way to give yourself a boost among a list of other applicants is to take time to get training in your field under other professionals. It might mean doing some work without pay, but if you can volunteer hours under other local employers who are in your same field (or a related area) and willing to give you hands-on training and can give you a good reference you could give yourself a much higher chance of landing the job you want.

Finally, it’s worth talking to a professional recruiter for helping in writing your resume and finding positions that are a good fit for you. Having a polished and well-thought through resume is the first step in standing out to high quality employers, and having professionals working alongside you to help you through the application and interview process can be key, especially in highly competitive jobs.

Polk County residents trust PHR Staffing Solutions to do just that! We offer a variety of recruiting and employment assistance to make sure you get hired. From helping you write the perfect resume, to helping you prepare for a final interview, our goal is to see you meet YOUR goals. Give us a call and let us help you!