Live, Work, and Play: Why Winter Haven Is A Great Place to Be!

The city of Winter Haven here in Central Florida is many things to many people.  Some residents were born and raised right here in town, while others are transplants, who fell in love with this area and never wanted to leave.  Still more are part-time residents of the Winter Haven community who enjoy parts of each year soaking up the sunshine here in Florida.  Regardless of the reason for being here, everyone can agree that Winter Haven is a wonderful place to live, work, and play!


First, you can’t beat the weather!  Many of the part-time residents we mentioned above, known as “snow birds” here in Florida, enjoy using Winter Haven as exactly what its name implies: a haven from the long, cold winters that many of them are used to enduring up north.  Whether you live here all year long, for just a season or for a few months out of each year, the mild (sometimes hot) climate, abundance of sunshine, and lakeside breezes are enough to make anyone want to call this place home.

Another huge factor attracting people to the Winter Haven region is the lakes.  We have no shortage of water around here, and with all of the lakes comes plenty of fun.  Water sports like water skiing, tubing, boating, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing, and more are sure to keep you busy throughout most of the year.  Sunsets over these lakes are like nothing you’ve seen before, and if you are lucky enough to live on one of the bodies of water in the Chain of Lakes community, you become part of a lakeside family that goes most anywhere they can by boat!  Several local restaurants even offer docks for boats as “parking” for these patrons, so they can enjoy dinner out without ever climbing into a car.

Finally, the small-town feel with big-town amenities is part of Winter Haven’s charm.  Downtown you can find local stores, restaurants, and businesses providing a variety of services from haircuts to outdoor living needs.  Just a few miles down the road are all of your major grocery stores, fast food joints, and gas stations, so you never have to go without.  It’s the best of both worlds, right inside the city limits.

The best part of Winter Haven?  Working here of course!  We love serving alongside other business owners here in the area, and we are proud to help Winter Haven residents start their career and find a job perfect for their skills and qualifications.  If you are in, or around, the Central Florida area and are ready to get hired, give us a call!  You can also apply for our current openings right here on our site, so there’s no reason to wait.

Get started with your career.  We are ready to help!