Keeping Holiday Cheer All Year: How PHR Plans to Have 365 Days of Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of year, and no one can deny that there seems to be a certain bit of “cheer” in the air during this season. Whether it’s the twinkling lights and upbeat carols, or anticipation of what’s to come on Christmas Day, something makes us happier, more positive, and kinder at this time of year. This holiday season, PHR Staffing Solutions is taking time to focus on just what makes this time of year so special, and how we can extend out the spirit of Christmas all year long.
So, what does make the holidays so wonderful?
First, we take time to focus on what actually matters. This time of year is when we step back from the hustle and bustle of work and monotony and look for opportunities to spend time with the ones we love. Making memories becomes the theme of the season and we carve out moments to bake the cookies that would ordinarily stay in the cabinet to avoid the mess, to stop for that warm cup of hot chocolate with our significant other and actually spend time cozied up in the coffee shop instead of running through the drive-thru, or to chat with our neighbor by the mailbox instead of rushing back into the house. By being willing to make time for people and memories, and not just rushing through our day-to-day, the spirit of Christmas tends to feel warmer and we feel more connected to each other. That’s something we can certainly take to heart and spread out throughout the year.
Christmas is when we focus on contentment as well. Yes, it’s easy for us (especially our kids and young people) to focus on that Christmas list, whether it’s going to “Santa” or to mom and dad, but overall this is the season when we focus on what we have instead of what we want. We recognize that others are less fortunate, we make charity and giving a goal, and we express thankfulness for our many blessings. Why though, do we quickly forget this when the Christmas trimmings are put away and life returns to “normal.” Practicing a spirit of contentment and gratefulness all year long is a wonderful way to extend the cheer of the holidays and to help charitable organizations function at their best all year, instead of hitting a high during the month of December and struggling during months afterward.
Finally, Christmas is when we tend to go the extra mile. Graciously smiling at the person who cut in line at the grocery store instead of scowling and throwing out a negative comment, lending a hand to the young mom struggling with a stroller and her bags while opening a door, or “paying it forward” by picking up the tab of the person behind us in line are all ways we show “Christmas spirit” during the holidays, but sadly, by using the excuse of a holiday as our motivation, we lose out on the joy that would come from putting out this type of kindness 365 days a year.
There’s no denying that the world (and our own communities) would be a better place if we all tried our best to practice the ideas mentioned above. This year, PHR Staffing Solutions is setting out to keep; the Christmas spirit alive by extending an extra dose of kindness, a warm greeting, or simply a handshake and a “you’re doing a great job” to the various applicants and business owners who we are privileged to work with each day. Encouragement and compassion go a long way in spreading joy. Won’t you partner with us in celebrating Christmas all year long, and extending the holiday cheer out for 365 days this year?