Halloween on A Budget: Cutting Back on Spending, Not on Fun

Do you include Halloween in your list when asked about major holidays? How do you categorize a holiday as major? For many, spending is a huge factor in whether or not a holiday is considered one of the “biggies” or just a blip on the calendar. While perhaps not as huge as Christmas or Valentine’s Day when it comes to your budget, Halloween has crept its way up the list for many as a day of celebration. When you start factoring in costumes, decorations, various parties and festivals, and of course, the candy, you can quickly spend much more than you planned when the 31st rolls around. For those who are currently unemployed, this can be stressful. Your kids don’t understand how dollar signs correlate with their Halloween fun, and we understand that you want to give them the experiences they’ll remember, while somehow managing to stay within your current allowance.

That’s why PHR has put together a list of tips and tricks to help you cut corners and save this Halloween, without sacrificing any of the fun parts of the holiday you (and your kids) know and love.

For Costumes…

Check your local thrift stores first! This time of year is when thrift stores and/or consignment sales are putting out all of their dress up and costume materials, and it’s also when moms and dads are cleaning out last year’s Halloween gear when they realize it no longer fits their growing kids. Often, you can get like new (or even brand new!) costumes and accessories for pennies on the dollar when compared to retail price. Don’t underestimate the value of a good DIY costume either. Thrift and consignment shops are great places to pick up pieces for these as well, instead of investing in full-price fabrics and materials from craft stores.

For Decorations…

Quality decorations are no longer found only at high-end craft and home decor stores. Dollar stores, and big box retailers, carry a wide variety of decoration choices that are very budget friendly without sacrificing appeal and appearance. From creepy cloth and fake spiders, to full-sized plastic skeletons and grave stones, you can have your home looking like the best haunted joint on the block without spending a fortune. Also, watch for free options when it comes to decorating. Something as simple as some old bed sheets, a little paint, and some wire can give you a horde of ghosts that look terrifying swaying in the trees once the sun goes down on Halloween!

For Candy…

This is where Halloween can get expensive. No one wants to be the house that hands out the icky candy that no one likes, or runs out of treats within the first 5 minutes of the evening. Thankfully, you won’t be! While Dollar stores and discount places do carry candy at this time of year (even brand names!) the quantity is something to watch out for. Many times the bags are small and contain very little. The best way to get the most bang for your buck is to price candy by ounces. When you do this, big box stores or bulk places (like SAMS club or Costco for those here in Central Florida) often come out ahead. Want to save even more? Watch your local papers for coupons! Manufacturer coupons for candy and treats are common at this time of year, and can be used toward the bags of candy, making the price per ounce even less! Also, don’t feel pressured to give each spooky visitor a whole handful of candy on Halloween. A couple of pieces each is plenty since kids will be going to multiple homes, and this will stretch your candy out farther, allowing you to enjoy the evening with your friends and neighbors much longer!

We know that managing finances is hard when you are in a dry spell, especially when holidays come around. PHR doesn’t just want to make Halloween easier…we want to make your job search easier too! Our process is simple: apply with us, and we do the rest. We match you with quality employers in our area to ensure that you find a position that fits your current skills and abilities, and offers you the opportunities you’re looking for. Give us a call for more information, or apply for one of our openings here on our site.

Good luck with your Halloween prep on a budget!