Faux Pas Fails: Mistakes to Avoid on Your Job Hunt

oops-1432954_640If you are on the hunt for a new job, chances are you’ve spent time looking into ways to impress a new boss, how to “snag” the best employment offers, or how to get noticed by the HR staff.  However, something equally important to focus on are mistakes to avoid during your search for a new position.

Potential employers and/or HR staff have some key things that are an immediate turn-off for them, and if you unknowingly commit one of these faux pas, it could cost you the job.

Resume Mistakes.  First off, tailor your cover letter to match the specific position for which you are applying.  This simple detail goes a long way with those reviewing your information to determine whether or not you deserve an interview.  Secondly, double check the length of your resume.  Too little can leave you looking inexperienced and sparse, but a rambling, 10-page long resume (even if you have years of experience) is a red flag that you don’t know how to represent yourself in a professional, concise way, and could also give an air of arrogance.

Interview Blunders.  If and when you land an interview for a position you are gunning for, avoid simple mistakes such as failing to stand up when the person/people leading the interview enter the room.  Standing to greet them with a smile and a firm handshake go a long way in how you represent yourself.  Additionally, don’t come unarmed with a list of questions about the position.  A boss doesn’t like to hear that you don’t have any questions because they “covered everything in the interview.” Instead, come with a list of things you’d like to inquire about in regards to the company or individual position, and choose a few things from the interview to clarify or expound upon.

Follow Up.  Finally, the end of the interview is NOT the end of the line.  Within 24 hours after the completion of your interview, sending either a hand-written thank you note for the opportunity, or an email of tanks to the HR staff and/or employer that conducted the interview will go a long way in you being considered for the job.

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