Daddy Daycare: Is “Stay-at-Home Dad” The Right Title for You?

With the prices of childcare rising rapidly, and more women entering and excelling in the workforce than ever before, stay-at-home dads are becoming a normal sight at the local playgroup. We think it’s great to see dads taking an active role in raising their children, and letting their spouse fulfill their career goals, but we also understand that they still want to contribute financially to the family. Yes, by staying home and running the household while their spouses serve as the breadwinner they are saving the family thousands in childcare costs each year, but offering liquid assets to the budget is important to many husbands and fathers. So, what options do you have when you want to do both? 
One popular option is working from home. Work-at-home parents are actually the best of both worlds, as they are able to be with their children during the day, and still earn income from their kitchen table, playground, or wherever else they can squeeze in hours during the day. While some work-at-home positions have stricter rules than others (like, being required to be online and present for X number of hours each day) they can often be worked around nap times, playdates, school hours, etc. If you are required to serve a handful of in-person hours each week, it could be worth hiring a sitter for those few hours so as to give you time to dedicate to work without putting your kids in full-time childcare.
If working from home isn’t an option, working a job with evening hours could be a good choice for you. Yes, you have to work in sleep hours somewhere during the day, but essentially you can go off the clock as “dad” when your spouse gets home from work, head into the workplace for a few hours, and still be home in time to serve up breakfast to the kids before your spouse heads out the door again for their job. It’s important to note that this setup might work best for those with school-aged children, since you will be able to fit in sleep while your kids are at school during the day. However, with the support of family and friends, even those with younger children could make this work.
If you think stay-at-home parenthood is the right choice for you, but want to stay in the workforce too, PHR Staffing Solutions is here to help. We work with employers throughout the Central Florida area to fill positions for all types of jobs, including those with work-at-home opportunities and/or evening hours and night shift availability. We are ready and waiting to help you find the perfect position to fit your family’s unique needs. Give us a call or apply for one of our current openings online!