Cubicle Consideration: How to NOT Be The Unwanted (Work) Neighbor

Office environments are each unique, in that they have their own social structure, cliques, and routines.  If you are coming into a new office, it can feel much like being the new kid in class on the first day of school: slightly awkward and uncomfortable, and very unknown.  These feelings can only add to the stress of a new job and the demands that come with it, so preparing yourself to mesh in whatever environment you might be thrust into is a wise decision for any potential employee.

Here are our top tips for being a cubicle neighbor that everyone will appreciate so you score points around the water cooler instead of a bad reputation.

  • Obnoxious behavior.  Talking too loudly, whether to another person or on the phone, smacking gum, using profanity and offensive language, etc. are all off-putting and can come across as disrespectful and entirely unprofessional in an office environment.  Respect others around you by keeping your voice level down, using courteous language, and trying to keep excess noise (like the gum chewing) to a minimum.  The same rule applies for listening to music.  Use headphones/earbuds, or save the tunes for when you get in the car for the drive home.
  • Invasive behavior.  By invasive, we mean something that permeates the work environments of others.  This includes (as mentioned above) playing music in the office, using candles/plug-ins or other odor emitters, and even noisy personal appliances like a fan.  Whatever is in your cubicle should be just that…in your cubicle, and not affecting others around you.  Keep the music to yourself, leave the odor-emitters at home, and if you absolutely need a fan, look for models that are quiet and offer enough gentle cooling power for you, but not enough to blow papers off someone else’s desk.
  • Getting TOO Comfortable.  Taking off your shoes at work, trimming your nails at your desk, applying your makeup after you arrive, spending excessive time on the phone chatting or paying bills, etc. are all unprofessional, and in some ways, taking advantage of your employer since you are using company work time to do personal business.  Keep the personal stuff at home, and be ready to work when you walk through the office door.

Don’t let poor behavior choices make you the brunt of jokes in the office.  Don’t let your opportunities to be in an office pass you by!  Apply for any of our current openings here on our site, or call us for more information on our open positions.  Our goal is to help you get hired!  Our Lake Wales, Lakeland, and Winter Haven offices serve the Polk County community and the surrounding area, and we have the perfect fit for you.