Benefit Your Business: Why a Staffing Agency Is The Best Choice for Small Businesses

icon-1623888_640The differences between small businesses and their larger, corporate counterparts are extensive, but perhaps one of the biggest differentiations between the two is the ease of finding employees.  Where large companies often have entire human resource departments to handle recruiting, hiring, and staffing openings in the business (both permanent and temporary), small businesses can struggle with this task.  Oftentimes, their needs are in the clerical and/or accounting portion of their business, and these positions may or may not require a permanent employee.  For example, around the holiday season a local business may have an increase in workload that overwhelms their current office staff, but does not require the addition of a permanent staff member (since the workload will reduce to a more manageable level after the holidays).  During these times, owners may be tempted to just “fill in” and tackle the extra work themselves, but this can be detrimental to the business as a whole, and since the business owner isn’t always skilled in the clerical and accounting work, financial mistakes or data errors can occur.

So, what is the best solution for these small business owners?

A staffing agency can be the best answer for filling positions (both temporary and permanent) if you are a small business owner.  Agencies, such as PHR, take care of recruiting, interviewing, and filling the opening, saving the business owner time and reducing the stress of hiring to meet the demands of the office.  Benefits of hiring an agency also include:

Saving time and money.  By using a staffing agency to fill openings in the accounting area of a business, owners know they are hiring someone qualified for the position from the start.  This prevents the waste of time when an owner has to endure multiple, poorly-equipped applicants taking the position and then being unable to handle the job.  Highly qualified employees will be better able to tackle the demands of detailed paperwork and help make financial decisions that will best benefit the business as a whole.

Better Perspective.  Bringing in “fresh eyes”, whether for a specific project or for your permanent staff, can possibly impact your business in many ways.  Having new input and new perspective will freshen up your business plan and could lead to more efficient operations.

Lower Risk.  The risk of hiring a “bad” choice when selecting employees can be costly in many ways, whether financially (as mentioned above) or in affecting the morale of your staff and efficiency of your business on a day-to-day basis.  A staffing agency means you are eliminating the high risk of hiring on poor choices before finding the right fit for the position.  The goal of an agency is to find the right fit the first time.

For local Polk County business in the Lakeland area, PHR is the answer to your staffing needs.  We provide the very best in employee recruits for positions of all kinds, including those for individual jobs and projects, or for permanent, long-term employment opportunities.  We work closely with your business to determine exactly what is needed in the potential employee, and we then do all of the legwork for you until we find the person perfect for the job.

You have enough to worry about when running a business.  Let us take care of filling openings in your company so your office can continue to run at its best.