A Time for Everything: Can When You Apply for A Job Affect If You Get It?

When it comes to getting hired, the application and interview process is intimidating to say the least. Between making yourself looking as good as possible on paper and trying to prepare yourself for an interview by phone or in person, you likely haven’t thought about when you’re sending in those applications and resumes, right? Most applicants don’t, and what’s more, they’re often waiting for the weekends to apply for positions when they’re home and off of their current job or not preoccupied with family activities and obligations, and that’s actually one of the worst times to apply. Why? The answer is more detailed than you might expect! 

When it comes to hiring, the timeframe actually does matter. 

Time of Year. The time of year definitely affects the hiring process across the board. Which time of year is best for you to apply though depends on the industry in question. Applying for a job with a tax preparation company for example means your best shot at getting hired is to have your information in their hands long before tax season begins, as they put hiring on hold during their busy season (from the beginning of the year until after April). Teaching positions often hold recruiting and hiring opportunities during the summer to ensure that the position is filled and ready for a new school year. Retail opportunities tend to increase around the holidays so getting hired in these fields is easiest near the end of the year, whereas most business positions hire at the beginning of the year when their budget is fresh and they know what they have to offer for the year. Regardless of the industry, doing your research is vital in timing your application to give yourself the best chance at landing the job. 

Time of Day. While not as weighty as the time of year, the time of day at which you send in your application and/or resume can somewhat sway whether or not you get the job. Mondays for example are usually NOT the best day to apply since HR staff and employers are getting caught up from the weekend and getting the work week off to a strong start. Tuesday and Wednesday are the most likely days for your information to be picked up and reviewed by the ones who need to see it most. The hours between 11 AM and 4 PM are when most daily work is being done by HR staff since they’ll want to have things wrapped up by the end of the work day. The optimum way to get your resume seen first though? Be one of the first to apply. The longer you wait, the more likely the employer is to find someone qualified that they pick up before you even get a chance. 

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